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Peter Brown(e)

Peter Brown(e) arrived in Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620.  He was not a part of the Leiden Separatist community, and not much is known of his background.

Peter Brown(e) first married, around 1624, the widowed Martha Ford, who had arrived in Plymouth on the ship Fortune. Peter and Martha had two children: Mary (born 1626?) and Priscilla (born 1629?). Martha died between 1628 and 1630.

Peter then married Mary (last name unknown). Peter and Mary had two children: Rebecca (born 1631?) and a child whose name is unknown, who died as a teenager.

Peter Browne’s death is not recorded in the records of Plymouth Colony. He died between 25 March 1633 when he was taxed and 28 October 1633 when an after-death inventory of his property was taken for the purpose of distribution among his dependents.

On 28 October 1633, Mary Browne, widow of Peter Browne, presented the inventory of his estate to the Plymouth Court. The Court ordered money set aside for Peter’s daughters Mary and Priscilla, with the rest of his estate allowed to Mary Brown to bring up her two children by Peter.  For Peter Browne's inventory and the court order giving the disposition of his estate, click here.

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