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Resolved White

Resolved White was a young boy, perhaps five years old, when he journeyed to Plymouth on the Mayflower with his parents, William and Susanna White.   The Whites had been part of the English Separatist congregation in Leiden, Holland, but it is not known when they joined the congregation (or if Resolved was born in England or in Holland).  Resolved's younger brother, Peregrine, was born on board the Mayflower while it was anchored in Provincetown harbor. 

His father, William, died the first winter.  His mother remarried in April of 1621; Resolved's new stepfather was Edward Winslow.

The family, at first, lived in Plymouth.  Edward Winslow was granted land in Marshfield, to the north, in 1632.  For several years, the family probably spent their summers on the farm in Marshfield, returning to Plymouth in the winter.  In 1636, the Winslow/White family settled permanently in Marshfield.

In 1640, at approximately age 25, Resolved married Judith Vassall, daughter of William Vassall of Scituate.  (Scituate is directly north of Marshfield.)  The couple had eight children: William, John, Samuel, Resolved, Anna, Elizabeth, Josiah and Susanna.  The family lived first in Scituate and, later, in Marshfield.  Judith died in 1670.

William Vassall, Resolved's father-in-law, left the Colony in 1646 and, after going to England, settled on Barbados where he owned a plantation.  On at least one occasion in 1657, after William Vassall's death, deeds show that Resolved White was in Barbados.

In 1674 at Salem, Resolved married Abigail Lord.  The couple lived in Salem where Resolved was elected a freeman in 1680.  Abigail died in 1682.  Resolved died between 1690 and 1694.

We have no will or inventory for Resolved White.

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