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Susanna White

Susanna White was a member of the Leiden Separatist community. She and her husband, William, and their young son Resolved were passengers on the Mayflower. Susanna gave birth to another son, Peregrine, in December of 1620 while the Mayflower was anchored in Provincetown Harbor. Peregrine was the first child born to the Pilgrims in New England.

William White died during February of 1621. Susanna married Edward Winslow (another Mayflower passenger, whose wife had also died during that hard first winter) on May 22 (May 12 Old Style), 1621. This was the first wedding in the new colony. By her second marriage with Edward Winslow, Susanna White and Edward Winslow had 5 children, although only 2 lived to adulthood : Josiah, born c1629 and Elizabeth, born in the 1630's.

Edward Winslow was " ... one of the most energetic and trusted men in the Colony. He went to England in 1623, 1624, 1635 and 1646, as agent of the Plymouth or Massachusetts colonies; and in 1633 he was chosen governor, to which office he was reelected in 1636 and 1644. He did not return to New England after 1646. In 1655 he was sent by Cromwell as one of three commissioners to superintend the expedition against the Spanish possessions in the West Indies, and died at sea near Hispaniola, on the 8th of May of that year ..." (Alexander Young, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers (Boston Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1841), p. 274-5.

There is no evidence that Susanna White Winslow ever accompanied her husband Edward Winslow on his journeys out of Plymouth Colony.

The Winslows lived on a large estate named Careswell, in Marshfield (north of Plymouth).

We do not know the date of Susanna’s death. Her name appears in her husband Edward’s will, written in 1654. She is not mentioned in her son Josias' will. It is therefore assumed that Susanna White Winslow died between 18 December 1654 (when Edward Winslow's will was written) and 2 July 1675 (the date of Josias Winslow's will).

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